Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of sorting through your hundreds of photos? Do they sit on your camera for weeks or months because you never get around to uploading, tagging and sorting them? UNIGLOBE Experts have researched a product that can simplify this job for you.

Insert a Wi-Fi enabled Eyefi Mobi SD card into almost any digital camera, upload the app and purchase a subscription to the Eyefi Cloud. Then watch your photos appear instantaneously on your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, as they upload to the cloud the second you take them.

The Cloud is your private photo collection, available at any time on any of your devices. Take pictures on any camera or smartphone you own and the Cloud will automatically merge them into one photo album. A couple of highlights we really like are:

  • Your entire collection is always available, allowing you can work on your photos even when offline. Once you're back online all changes will automatically be saved to the Cloud. It's seems a great way to spend some time while flying!
  • You need never worry about losing or accidently deleting photos again as the Cloud automatically stores an original the second you take it.

The annual cost of membership to the Eyefi Cloud is $49.99 while the Mobi SD card ranges in price from Rs.4,554 for an 8GB card to Rs.8,880 for a 32GB card. Cards can be purchased on amazon.in, where you'll receive 90 days of Cloud storage with the purchase of a 8 & 32GB card. The app is free and is available for iOS, Android and Kindle.


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